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RICOH France Strategic Orientations: Learn English !!!

5 Novembre 2021 , Rédigé par CFDT RICOH France

RICOH France Strategic Orientations : Learn English !!!

During the extraordinary CSE meeting on Strategic Orientations, the management of RICOH France did not present a possible and concrete vision of its future. Only a literal translation of the RICOH Europe presentation of March 25, 2021 has been made.

Despite this, our management insisted on the value of learning English.

It is about time !!!

Once again, their People First program and their I LOVE ENGLISH training would save the business !!!

At this meeting, CFDT elected officials challenged management and proposed English working groups emphasizing that Elearning was not enough.

 In addition, training courses eligible for the CPF (Personal Training Account) can be offered...

In this context, the elected CFDT wish you good progress in English !!!

Good luck to all !!!

Do not hesitate to contact your CFDT elected official on cfdt@ricoh.fr



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